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Sensorem increases safety for both users and close relatives

Larmknapp för äldre

Increased safety for the user

The alarm is easily activated by pushing the alarm button for three seconds

Sensorem gps armband

Increased freedom for the user

The safety alarm works outdoors! Communicates through the cellphone network

Sensorem gps personlarm

Increased safety for close relatives

The watch automatically calls close relatives when the alarm is triggered + sends an alarm notification through the Sensorem-app + sends SMS to close relatives

Säkerhetslarm för äldre 2

Increased freedom and flexibility for close relatives

In the Sensorem-app close relatives can locate the user through GPS and they can also call the watch directly from the app

This is how Sensorem's safety alarm works if the alarm button is pressed

Larmknapp för äldre

1. The senior presses the alarm button of the safety alarm.

GPS larm

2. A push notification with the users GPS position is sent to the senior's relatives through the Sensorem app (for iPhone and Android).

trygghetslarm för äldre

3. The senior's relatives are automatically called in predefined order.

larmknapp för äldre

4. Relatives can act and ensure that the senior gets help.

Säkerhetslarm för äldre 2

5. If no relative answers, the call is connected to Sensorem's alarm centre (open 24/7).

Sensorems safety alarm for elderly in brief

Larmknapp för äldre

Senior watch with built-in phone

If the senior watch's physical alarm button is pressed for three seconds, the senior's relatives are called in a predefined order and alarms are sent out to relatives in the Sensorem-app.

GPS klocka

No prior technical knowledge is required

The senior watch is speciallyu designed to be easy to use. The only thing the user needs to do is to be able to press the physical alarm button and to charge the watch.

Telefon för äldre

App for relatives

The senior's relatives get access to the Sensorem app (for iPhone and Android) where they can see the senior's current GPS position on a map. Login to the app is included for up to five relatives!

Larm för äldre

Works everywhere and can be used everywhere

The safety alarm communicates through the mobile network and works everywhere. The senior watch is waterproof and can be used everywhere!

Säkerhetslarm för äldre 2

Alarm central 24/7

If none of the senior's relatives answer, the call is connected to Sensorem's alarm central, which is open 24/7!

1 Gratis 1

From SEK 259/month

No commitment period and no cost for the senior watch!

Customer testimonials

Trygghetslarm för äldre

“It feels safe to be able to reach my loved ones anytime via the alarm button”


— Christina, Norrtälje

“As a relative, it is ensuring to know that my father always can contact us in the event of an emergency”


— Christopher, Stockholm

Christopher 2

User-friendly, safe and stylish. My dad has been using the safety alarm for some time now and we are all very happy. It feels safe to know that dad easiluy can reach us at the touch of a button if needed. Easy to use and stylish!


I feel safe with the watch. It is both comfortable and stylish and now I don't need another watch. It's so good that it tells you when it needs charging and it is very easy to charge. I hope more people get the opportunity to try it because it can save your life!

Gunnel L

Excellent & multifunctional thanks to the fact that relatives & care staff can call my safety alarm.

Kerstin L

I am very satisfied and will order one for my husband as well. The safety alarm is logical and easy to use.

Viktoria W

Dare to go into the forest again! Feels really good, a little unusual at first but the safety feels excellent. I forget to charge sometimes, but the watch "tells me" when to charge. Haven't used the alarm function but tested with the family that it works.

Lars S

Example of Sensorem's customers

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Areas of use for Sensorem's safety watch

Safety alarm for seniors

If, for example, a fall accident occurs, the user can press the alarm button so that someone can come to the rescue and help the person up.

GPS tracker to help demented people

Relatives can mark areas that are safe for the user to stay within. If the user leaves this area, warning notices are sent to relatives with GPS location. They can call directly to the watch's built-in speakerphone and talk to the user.

Personal alarm

Having a personal alarm with GPS positioning and connection to the alarm center can make evening walks feel much safer.

Safety alarm in case of epilepsy

A smartwatch from Sensorem can increase safety for people with epilepsy who want to be able to quickly call for help wherever they are (even outdoors).


A smartwatch from Sensorem can increase safety for parents who want to know that their child can trigger an alarm if something unwanted happens. The watch allows incoming calls, so it is perfectly possible to call the watch even if it is not an alarm situation.

GPS alarm for municipalities

GPS alarms from Sensorem are used by municipalities all over Sweden. Sensorem's GPS alarm reduces the burden on the municipality as users can stay at home longer and the alarm goes to relatives.

Assault alarm for businesses

Professional groups such as shop staff, security guards or lone workers can increase their safety with a personal alarm.

Assault alarm for lone workers

The safety for lone workers can be increased with an assault alarm from Sensorem.

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The safety alarm can be delivered within four days and is ready to use upon delivery!