The team behind Sensorem

Johan Danielsson Sensorem

Johan Danielsson
COO and co-founder
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Bobo Delemark Sensorem

Bobo Delemark
CEO and co-founder
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Gustaf Delemark Sensorem

Gustaf Delemark
Chief Sales Officer
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Wilhelm Möller-Claeson
Customer service manager
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Elina Broman
Content creator social media

Sensorem develops safety products of the future that help the elderly live an independent life

Growing up, Bobo watched his grandparents age. As they aged, the need for supervision increased, partly to ensure that no unpredictable accident were to occur, partly to remind his grandparents about everyday routines to carry out. This process often results in an increasingly stress-related everyday life for relatives who have to take on an increasing responsibility with frequent physical visits. The home service in the respective municipality is eventually brought in, but often does not provide the necessary help in full, while the senior usually wants to remain in his/her private residence.

Together with Johan, whom he got to know during his studies at Stockholm School of Economics , Bobo began to scan the market for welfare technology to find that the technology for smart homes has strangely not been applied to any wider extent for the older generation. It was against this background that Bobo and Johan founded Sensorem, which with the help of sensor technology and the Internet of Things enables safe and independent old age in the private home. Sensorem has developed a private safety alarm for the elderly that consists of a stylish and discreet smart watch with an alarm button for the senior and an app for the senior's close relatives. This is available in Sensorem's web shop.

For more information about how Sensorem's safety products work, please see questions & answers or contact us