GPS alarm from Sensorem reduces the burden on the municipality

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Increased security and freedom for the user

Alarm easily with the push of a button. The GPS alarm works everywhere – even outdoors!

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Increased security for relatives

In the event of an alarm, relatives are called by the watch + receives a warning notice in the Sensorem app + receives an SMS

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Increased freedom and flexibility for relatives

With the Sensorem app, relatives can see where the user is and also call the watch directly to talk to the user

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Reduced burden on the municipality

Users can stay at home longer and the alarm goes primarily to relatives

This is how Sensorem's GPS alarm works if the alarm button is pressed

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1. The senior presses the alarm button of the safety alarm.

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2. A push notification with the users GPS position is sent to the senior's relatives through the Sensorem app (for iPhone and Android).

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3. The senior's relatives are automatically called in predefined order.

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4. Relatives can act and ensure that the senior gets help.

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5. If no relative answers, the call is connected to Sensorem's alarm centre (open 24/7).

The benefits of Sensorem's GPS alarm

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GPS watch with built-in phone

If the GPS watch's physical alarm button is pressed for three seconds, the user's relatives are called in a predefined order and alarms are sent out to relatives in the Sensorem app.

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Works everywhere and can be used everywhere

The GPS watch communicates via the mobile network and works everywhere (even outdoors). The GPS watch is waterproof and can be used everywhere!

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Geofence with GPS alarm

Relatives can mark out in the Sensorem app which area(s) are safe for the user to move within. If the user moves outside of this, the watch calls relatives + alarm notice & SMS are sent to relatives.

GPS klocka

No prior technical knowledge is required

The GPS watch is specially designed to be easy to handle. The only thing the user needs to do is to be able to hold down the physical alarm button and be able to charge the watch.

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Easy to charge

The GPS watch's battery life is about five days and is charged in about three hours with the included magnetic charger. The watch warns both the user and relatives (through the app) if the battery level is low.


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The GPS watch is IP67 classified, i.e. the user can wash hands and shower with it.

Flexible alarm chain

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Easy to change alarm receiver

You simply choose which ones are added as alarm receivers and the order in which they should be called. The only thing needed to add an alarm receiver is its phone number and email address, and up to five alarm receivers can be added. Alarm receiver can be anyone, for example your own alarm center, site manager, officer on duty or employees in the same department.

Personlarm barn

Customized alarm chain

If the physical panic button is pressed for three seconds, alarm receivers are automatically called in a predefined order and alarms with GPS position in real time are sent out to alarm receivers in the Sensorem app . The switchboard is customized and detects if an answering machine answers and then connects the call to the next alarm receiver. The alarm chain can be adapted as needed so that the alarm goes directly to an external alarm center, for example, or that the alarm goes to all relatives at the same time, where the person who answers first becomes the one who receives the alarm.

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Sensorem's alarm center answers alarms

If no alarm receiver answers, the call is connected to Sensorem's alarm center , which is always open around the clock! The user talks to the alarm center from the watch's speakerphone and the call is forwarded to SOS Alarm if the situation is urgent. SOS Alarm can then send help such as the police or an ambulance.

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App for alarm receivers

The user's alarm receiver downloads Sensorem's app in the App Store or Google Play Store . From the app, alarm receivers can follow the user's GPS position in real time and receive an alarm notification if the user raises the alarm.