Sensorem's safety alarm with GPS increases safety for demented

Sensorem hjälpmedel demens GPS

Safe areas are marked by the relative in the Sensorem app

The relative selects which area(s) are safe for the user to move within in the Sensorem app. This could be, for example, a specific area around the user's home or a combination of areas.

Sensorem demens hjälpmedel klocka

An alarm notification with GPS position is sent to relatives if the user leaves the safe area

If the user leaves the safe area, an alarm notification is sent to those registered as relatives in the Sensorem app. The alarm notification contains the user's GPS position, which is displayed on a map in real time.

Sensorem klocka för dementa

Relatives can call the watch directly and talk to the user

The safety alarm has a built-in speakerphone, which means that relatives can call the watch and to talk to the user to help them find their way home or to notify them that help is called.

Sensorem GPS klocka demens

The watch works everywhere and can be used everywhere

The safety alarm communicates via the mobile network and works everywhere. The watch is waterproof and can be used everywhere.

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The watch can be worn as a necklace

When ordering, it is possible to choose between different bracelets and necklaces to find what suits the user best.

The GPS watch for elderly notifies relatives if the user leaves the predetermined safe area

Larmknapp för äldre

1. The user leaves the predetermined safe area.

Sensorem GPS larm demens

2. An alarm notification with GPS position are sent to the user's relatives through Sensorem's app where they can see the users position on a map.

trygghetslarm för äldre

3. The user's relatives can call the watch and talk to the user through the watch's built-in speakerphone.

larmknapp för äldre

4. Relatives can act and ensure that the user receives help.

Features specially developed in order to help persons suffering from dementia

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Relatives can set a safe area in the Sensorem app, and if the user leaves the safe area an alarm notification is sent to relatives.

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Built-in speaker phone

The safety alarm has a built-in SIM card. It is possible to call the watch with a simple push of a button.

Sensorem GPS larm demens

Real-time positioning

Relatives can use the Sensorem app to see the user's position in real-time on a map.

Larmknapp för äldre

Physical alarm button

If the safety alarm's physical alarm button is pressed in three seconds the senior's relatives are called in predefined order and push notifications are sent out in the Sensorem app.

Sensorem trygghetslarm mobil


The safety watch is IP67 classified i.e. the user can wash hands and shower with it.

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Easy to charge

The watch's battery life is about five days and can be charged in about three hours with the included magnetic charger. The safety alarm warns both the user and relatives (through the app) if the battery level is low.

The safety alarm can be delivered within three days and is ready to use upon delivery!