The safety alarm can help in many situations

Personlarm för seniorer

Safety alarm for seniors

If, for example, a fall accident occurs, the user can press the alarm button so that someone can come to the rescue and help the person up.

Personlarm privatpersoner

Personal alarm

Having a personal alarm with GPS positioning and connection to the alarm center can make evening walks feel much safer.

Sensorem trygghetslarm privat

GPS tracker to help demented people

Relatives can mark areas that are safe for the user to stay within. If the user leaves this area, warning notices are sent to relatives with GPS location. They can call directly to the watch's built-in speakerphone and talk to the user.

Personlarm barn


A smartwatch from Sensorem can increase safety for parents who want to know that their child can trigger an alarm if something unwanted happens. The watch allows incoming calls, so it is perfectly possible to call the watch even if it is not an alarm situation.


Safety alarm in case of epilepsy

A smartwatch from Sensorem can increase safety for people with epilepsy who want to be able to quickly call for help wherever they are (even outdoors).

Säkerhetslarm hot

Assault alarm for businesses

Professional groups such as shop staff, security guards or lone workers can increase their safety with a personal alarm.


Safety alarm for disabled

A safety alarm that works everywhere (even outdoors) can significantly increase safety for people with mobility impairments.

trygghetslarm anhöriga

Safety alarm for other disabilities

Sensorem's safety alarm can increase safety in many situation. We have customers who, for example, suffer from COPD, multiple sclerosis (MS), autism or osteoarthritis who feel safer knowing that they can trigger the alarm anytime and anywhere.