Reviews from Sensorem's customers

Safe and easy! Pleasant customer service, quick feedback and simple instructions. Good with different options when it comes to bracelets, also free trial of different sizes.


I am very satisfied and will order one for my husband as well. The safety alarm is logical and easy to use.

Viktoria W

Great! I have to say that I am very happy with the safety watch. I also think that SEK 300 per month is a good price.


Excellent & multifunctional thanks to the fact that relatives & care staff can call my safety alarm.

Kerstin L

I am very satisfied with the watch and the great service I received from Sensorem!


My father, 91 years old, has had his watch for a while now. Works perfectly! Keeps what it promises! Easy to understand even if you are old and a little demented. The best thing is that you can see exactly where he is on the map in the app. He has wandered off a few times. Now me and my sister don't have to worry! The alarm works both outside and inside. I can call the watch so he doesn't need a cell phone anymore. This one is much simpler. In addition, a very nice watch similar to an Apple Watch.


User-friendly, safe and stylish. My dad has been using the safety alarm for some time now and we are all very happy. It feels safe and secure to know that dad easily can reach us at the touch of a button if needed. Easy to use and stylish!


I feel safe with the watch. It is both comfortable and stylish and now I don't need another watch. It's so good that it tells you when it needs charging and it is very easy to charge. I hope more people get the opportunity to try it because it can save your life!

Gunnel L

Dare to go into the forest again! Feels really good, a little unusual at first but the safety feels excellent. I forget to charge sometimes, but the watch "tells me" when to charge. Haven't used the alarm function but tested with the family that it works.

Lars S

I've been asking for an alarm that works both outdoors and indoors for as long as possible and now it's finally here! My alarm watch is easy to use and works great - so thanks for it!


Fantastic service! I feel much safer thanks to Sensorem. Recommend all seniors to use Sensorem!


My mother just started using this service, works really well so far, thanks!


Much better than what you get through the municipality.


Good and genuine service.




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