Sensorems safety alarm can increase the security in case of epilepsy

Sensorem överfallslarm gps

Stylish and discreet

The smartwatch is stylish and discreet - nothing to suggest that it contains a safety alarm.

If the physical alarm button is pressed for three seconds, relatives are automatically called in a predefined order and alarms with GPS position in real time are sent out to relatives in the Sensorem app.

Sensorem personlarm för äldre

Alarm center (open 24/7)

If no relative answers, the call is forwarded to Sensorem's alarm center (open 24/7). The user talks to the alarm center from the watch's speakerphone, and the alarm center forwards the call to SOS Alarm if the situation is urgent. SOS Alarm can then send help such as the police or an ambulance.

Överfallslarm privatperson

App for relatives

The user's relative downloads Sensorem's app in the App Store or Google Play Store. From the app, relatives can follow the user's GPS position in real-time and they receive an alarm notification if the user presses the alarm button.

The app is downloaded in few seconds and the service includes login for up to five relatives.

Sensorem personlarm privatperson

Works everywhere and can be used everywhere

The smartwatch communicates via the mobile network and works everywhere. The watch is waterproof and can be used everywhere.

See video explaining the alarm here.

The safety alarm is designed as a portable epilepsy alarm and the alarm goes to relatives first then to the alarm center

Larmknapp för äldre

1. The user presses the alarm button on the safety alarm.

GPS larm

2. A push notification with the users GPS position is sent to the senior's relatives through the Sensorem app.

trygghetslarm för äldre

3. The user's relatives are automatically called in a predefined order with the watch's built-in speakerphone.

larmknapp för äldre

4. Relatives can act and ensure that the user receives help.

Säkerhetslarm för äldre 2

5. If no relative answers, the call is connected to Sensorem's alarm center,which receives the alarm and acts (open 24/7).

Features specifically designed to help in case of epileptic seizure

Larmknapp för äldre

Physical alarm button

If the safety alarm's physical alarm button is pressed in three seconds the user's relatives are called in predefined order and push notifications are sent out in the Sensorem app.

trygghetslarm för äldre

Built-in speaker phone

The personal alarm has a built-in SIM card. It is possible to call the watch with a simple push of a button.

Sensorem överfallslarm armband

Stylish and discreet

The watch is stylish and discreet – nothing that suggests it contains a personal alarm. Can be worn as a necklace as well.


Alarm center (open 24/7)

If relatives cannot receive the alarm, it is connected to Sensorem's alarm center (open 24/7).

GPS larm

Real-time positioning and geofence

Relatives see the user's position in real time on a map in the Sensorem app and receive an alarm if the user leaves the marked safety zone (set in the Sensorem app).

Sensorem gps armband

Works worldwide

The personal alarm works worldwide! The watch works everywhere there is mobile coverage.


The safety alarm can be delivered within three days and is ready to use upon delivery!